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Stephanie Meis

Spiritual Healing for Body and Mind

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Author of 20 Ways to Lose Your Lover.
Available at Balboa Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


We all have an inner core or Self that is wise, loving, calm, creative, powerful and healing.  Throughout our lives, we store memories, beliefs, traumas and emotions in our bodies that can create pain, health concerns, distress or personal obstacles in our lives.

By learning to tap into the richness and resourcefulness of our core we can heal ourselves and greatly improve the quality of our life experience.  When combined, relaxation, meditative journeys, visualization and energy work provide a pathway to the gifts of our cores or Selves.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the directing of Universal Life Force Energy for the purpose of healing, relaxation, and/or balancing the chakras, energy centers within our bodies that govern the health of specific areas of the body.

“Rei,” in Japanese, means “holy, spirit, mystery, gift, nature spirit, or invisible spirit.”  “Ki” means “energy, nature scene, talent or feeling.”

Reiki is most commonly directed through a practitioner’s hands placed on a fully-clothed individual, though actual touch is not essential.  Reiki energy can also be directed to anyone around the world, or to animals, plants or even inanimate objects such as cars, televisions or computers. People receiving Reiki report a feeling of soothing warmth and comfort.


Is spiritual healing for you?

You should consider spiritual healing if you are:

  • Open to self-discovery

  • Interested in exploring alternative or spiritual ways of healing. 

  • Seeking supplemental therapy for medical care to increase your process’ benefits

  • Currently in the mode of personal growth and seek some support and guidance

  • On a spiritual path


Healing Process

Through visualization and Reiki healing, you will be guided on a meditative journey to get in touch with your powerful inner essence. This heals and repairs the wounds or traumas that cause pain, illness, and distress, and that can create personal obstacles. The process of working with your inner world helps to focus and bring clarity to your life.

The Process is about listening to the body and having a conversation with the self. Through meditation and visualization you will go within and learn about yourself. You are guided through inner journeys and your experience is enhanced by Reiki energy. All sessions are personalized.  We begin by talking about your life and concerns. Following this talk therapy, if you are comfortable with other modalities such as aromatherapy, drumming, color therapy and/or violin, we use these tools to help open the energies that are creating difficulties. Finally, you will lie down, fully-clothed, on a massage table and receive a soothing Reiki treatment. During this time, you are guided on an inner journey to meet with the parts of yourself that are creating symptoms or problems. After a dialogue with these inner parts, the healing and repair process takes place.


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