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Image by Darius Bashar


Growing from Upset

This is a one page form you can use anytime after something has triggered you.  It will help you gain self-awareness, identify patterns of your emotions and the timing of  when you get upset., It will also show you the things you tell yourself that make you feel bad. It is a tool for centering and accessing your Core Self!  Remember, Thoughts cause Feelings!

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Emotional Hygiene

This is a quick technique  to help you return to your clear core Observer SELF when you feel hijacked by a negative emotion.  I've made an acronym for the 5 steps to help you remember them:  POW (for Power up!) Where What.  "Upset as an Opportunity for Learning"  is a great  option for the "What" you can do with the energy you find in the Emotional Hygiene.

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